Aha, who's next in line to take it to the skies?
There are 5 upcoming departures

Airline Flight No# Pilot in Command Departure Arrival Aircraft
JAL JAL8665 (1) Sean Takahashi RJBB RCTP 787-8 DREAML (JA826J)
SCC SCC2985 Tiago Santos RORS RJTT A320NEO (X)
JAL JAL310 Matt Sze RJFF RJTT 777-246 (JA8984)
ANA ANA662 Chafik Papi RJFU RJTT 787-8 DREAML (JA809A)
CAL CAL222 Chafik Papi RCSS RJTT A330-302 (B-18302)