Aha, who's next in line to take it to the skies?
There are 11 upcoming departures

Airline Flight No# Pilot in Command Departure Arrival Aircraft
JAL JAL812 Williams Hernandez RCKH RJAA 767-346(ER) (JA620J)
ANA ANA1893 Roger Hanson RJTT RJTH A320-211 (JA8997)
SCC SCC320 Chafik Papi RKSS RJFF A320-200 (A320)
FIN FIN1332 Phill Cooke EGLL EFHK A350-941 (OH-LWC)
JAL JAL811 Williams Hernandez RJAA RCKH 767-346(ER) (JA620J)
JAL JAL691 Ichiro Iwamoto RJTT RJFM ERJ-190STD (JA250J)
HDA HDA870 Chafik Papi VHHH ZSPD A320-232 (B-HSO)
SCC SCC35 ZongFa Link RJNK RJCB BE-58 (BE58)
AAL AAL182 Paolo Modesto ZSPD KLAX 787-9 DREAML (N826AN)
KLM KLM884 Paolo Modesto ZSAM EHAM 787-9 DREAML (PH-BHN)
CPA CPA3259 (1B) Paolo Modesto ZSPD VHHH 747-867(F) (B-LJL)